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This article addresses the issue of union victimization by investigating the various organizational responses to anti-discrimination law. By focusing on in-depth case studies over a long period of time, it offers new insights into the processes whereby law is internalized and how they interact with litigation over time, and also highlights the active, contested and changing role of HR professionals and trade unionists in the shaping of organizational responses.

The idea of reflexivity has much to offer to the analysis of taste - but reflexivity in its ancient sense, a form neither active nor passive, pointing to an originary state where things, persons, and events have just arrived, with no action, subject or objects yet decided. Objects of taste are not present, inert, available and at our service. They give themselves up, they shy away, they impose themselves.

On the contrary, they make themselves detect them, through a continuous elaboration of procedures that put taste to the test. Rather, it is a collective technique, whose analysis helps us to understand the ways we make ourselves sensitized, to things, to ourselves, to situations and to moments, while simultaneously controlling how those feelings might be shared and discussed with others.

Que se passe-t-il entre les gens, entre les lieux, entre les moments. But why and how do experiments matter, and for whom? Answering these questions requires that one leave the locality of the experimental site and account for the construction of wider spaces wherein experiments matter. Using examples related to the public debate on, critique and government of nanotechnology in France, the article identifies three of these spaces. The first one is characterized by the replication of technologies of participation, the second by the conduct of radical critique, and the third by the constitution of objects of government.

Thus, the study of political experiments proposed here offers analytical entry points for an examination of democratic ordering.

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The European Union is the outcome of a process that is still very much in development. This process was conceived from its inception as a matter of perfecting a collective of at least three identities: a geographical space torn apart by devastating wars and longing for peace, a market that could benefi t from the extension of the circulation of economic goods, and a political entity where liberal democracy would finally triumph. Th e idea of progress was at the core of the European project and closely articulated with the rapid economic growth experienced by Western European countries in the postwar decades.

Progress, there, was as much economic as it was political and moral, as it associated the extension of markets with the development of liberal democracy and a collective concern for lasting peace. This article investigates the modalities of integration of social, political and moral issues in urban consumption markets. The analysis follows the history of the reforms of the French retail implementation provisions over the past 40 years.

By examining three significant episodes of this history, it highlights the importance of interweaving concerned actors in market agencements, and shaping market boundaries. The field-in-emergence is creating futures, problems and new objects that remain elusive. By turning an ethnographic gaze on the nascent stages of a new research field, we can pose interesting questions about the formation of local configurations and their relations to wider policies and actions in ways that the analysis of established fields would struggle to illuminate.

Placing a science means that the practices and discourses of the science co-emerge with its modes of organisation and geographies and with its histories and futures. Lafayette anticipation est une fondation d'art contemporain qui met l'accent sur la production et l'accompagnement des artistes. The quandaries of business valuation have marked the pedagogy of business administration since early attempts at institutionalizing the managerial discipline.

It is however now commonly admitted, at least in legitimate financial and entrepreneurial circles, that the value of a business that is, the monetary assessment of a functioning enterprise established in a competitive environment resides primarily in its earning power or, in other words, that what a business is worth equals its capacity to generate a stream of revenues for the investor or investors that provide it with funding.

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How did this idea take shape and how did it permeate the business mind? An examination of early pedagogical materials at the Harvard Business School an influential reference for the socialization of the businessperson and, in particular, of the vagaries of the idea of capitalization and its exercising in the classroom provides a fine occasion to advance understanding of the meaning of such ideals of business and business value, and of their institutionalization. This empirical study can, in turn, be employed in order to discuss and refine critically our interpretation of what a convention of economic valuation is and how it operates.

How natural is economic nature and how provocative is it to claim that this nature is a provoke done? The purpose of this contribution is to expose the problem of the naturalness of economic things. The very idea of the performativity of economics and the critical reactions it prompts are analysed in these terms: that is, as an anthropological test on the quandaries of economic naturalism.

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This study examines the role of the academic affiliation in research evaluation. The increasing structural complexity of the French research landscape has a massive influence onthe construction of reliable indicators for the purposes of research assessment, one of the mostdamageable downside being the heterogeneity of the bibliometric indicators. The study aimsto make the inventory of practices and to suggest solutions, sometimes relying on technology,to overcome the visibility issue of the French research and higher education institutions.

This paper examines the testing and the pricing of orphan drugs, e. Due to the small size of these populations, orphan molecules question established evidentiary practices, namely randomized controlled trials RCT and health technology assessments HTA , driven by numbers and statistical reasoning. These initiatives offer new insights into the pricing of orphan drugs as a testing device of who is accountable for the evaluation of these molecules, and of how rare diseases are made to count for society at large.

This chapter proposes investigating the efforts of current institutions to answer a simple, modest, and low-profile question: Does the project fit within the budget? It traces how this simple question is answered when it comes to the governance of a peculiar material: nuclear waste. It proposes approaching financial evaluations that are conducted within the context of the North-American nuclear waste programme as spaces in which the political and moral values of the State are constantly reformulated, particularly in relation to its responsibility towards far future generations.

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  7. The theory claimed that marginal cost pricing would bring the power sector to a state of maximum efficiency, that it would help governing the sector according to the public interest, and solve rationally the issue of nationalization and its aims. But the story turned out to be quite different. Pricing electricity did not mean applying to the sector the laws of efficiency through transfers of necessities.

    Rather, in a tentative, partial, progressive, often contradictory manner, the work allowed to describe and thus discuss possible exploitation projects. I propose to term this process the formulation of the optimum. Identifying such a process, I suggest, might contribute to the debate on the status of economics, the kind of truth it produces, and what we can expect from it, especially when it is closely associated with political decision making. Their work on and with academic and experiential knowledge contributes to an understanding of their conditions and the problems they induce, and to the shaping of the causes they defend.

    This results in the production of new evidence for grounding research and health policies in their condition areas. By facilitating the self-publishing of amateur work, internet technologies have provoked a substantial democratization of online artistic practices.

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    We focus in this article on amateur video makers who post their production on platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion. We analyze the meaning they give to the fame and reputation they build online. Then we investigate the ways they do or do not convert the reputation capital they have accumulated online, into a reputation that is valuable on artistic labor markets.

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    We observe to what extent the often self-taught practice of online video is an alternative path to enter the markets for artistic work, and to which markets it provides access. Ces initiatives ne sont pas consensuelles. Regulatory precaution. We analyze the operations crafting regulatory categories in order to define technical objects and organizing the distribution of powers between public and private, national and European actors. These initiatives are not consensual: member states and the European Parliament produce more rigid regulatory categories, and thereby suggest an alternative mode of governing chemicals.

    Thus, regulatory precaution offers a lens through which one can identify the constitutional effects of the regulatory categories for European technical objects. Charlatans du monde moderne? This process was, however, accompanied by an ambiguous professionalisation of union activities, leading to the emergence of the heretofore unsatisfied demand that union officials per se have the right to a career — a tangent that has widened the legal boundaries of the battle against discrimination.

    In the context of increasing digitalisation of portions of everyday life, this paper analyses the use of data and the process of data production itself as boundary objects. In this case study, data deal with private households' electricity consumption, asking if consumers will change their conduct when they are confronted with real-time and dynamic consumption's data visualization. Such a reflexive socio-technical approach is symptomatic of the development of trace-based regulation of practices.

    Based on an experimental case study of reflexive visualization of electricity consumption, the paper shows that data building process has to be analysed too, since data are produced by a network of actors who performed translations on data itself. Then data are boundary objects that are translated, i.

    Notably taking root in the first laboratory ethnography studies and in the interactionist sociology of work, several studies have recently provided an in-depth account of maintenance and repair work in very different sites workplaces, urban settings, homes. They have provided great insights to not only reconsider largely invisible operations, but also to pursue the discussion of issues such as innovation, ordering processes and materiality in Science and Technology Studies.

    In this introduction, we focus on two topics of discussion. First, we show how maintenance and repair studies expand our understanding of sociomaterial work and object agency. Second, we highlight reasons for exploring maintenance and repair practices to challenge and decenter innovation studies. Drawing on an ethnographic study of the installation and maintenance of Paris subway wayfinding system, this article attempts to discuss and specify previous claims that highlight stability and immutability as crucial aspects of material ordering processes.

    These two situated accounts are neither opposite nor paradoxical: they enact different versions of subway signs, the stabilization of which goes through the acknowledgment of their vulnerability. Practices that deal with material fragility are at the center of what we propose, following Annemarie Mol and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, to term a care of things.

    Revue des sciences mars 2015

    Foregrounding such a care of things is a way to surface a largely overlooked dimension of material ordering and to renew how maintainability issues are generally tackled. The formulation of value in drug development projects Following the advent of biotechnology and the amplifying calls for the transfer of knowledge from science to industry, the development of new drugs increasingly resorts to partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and start-ups stemming from public research.

    The article addresses this question by focusing on the most widespread tool for the valuation of drug development projects: the discounted cash flow DCF formula. Coordinateur : Pr Earl Carstens France : Pr Laurent Misery Objectif s poursuivit s : multidisciplinary international association of clinical practitioners, researchers and scientists dedicated to improving our understanding and treatment of pruritus for the benefit of suffering patients worldwide Centres IDGO participants : Brest.

    Comparer la survie globale. IDGO vous propose via ses fiches information divers documents informatifs sur la dermatologie. Retrouvez sur le site dermato-info.