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Our comfortable facility allows for a more private and individualized approach to psychiatric care to ensure that our clients receive professional treatment that exceeds the industry standard of care. Lieber Recovery Clinic Treatment Center. Our services are available to people 18 years and older. As an integral part of the Columbia Psychiatry network of care, our clients have access to a full spectrum of care, with seamless delivery of services from inpatient to outpatient and from psychiatric to substance abuse and medical services.

In an atmosphere of caring support, clients receive personalized, comprehensive outpatient treatment, life skills training, and psychiatric rehabilitation services, with an emphasis on getting back to work, school, and independent living. Treatment is largely provided in a group format, with some clients receiving additional support from a staff Recovery Coach or individual therapist. All clients participating in treatment in the Lieber Clinic continue to be under the care of a primary psychiatrist. Clients may continue treatment with their referring physician or we can arrange for one of our faculty members to provide treatment.

For more information visit www. Austen Riggs Center Treatment Center. We offer a range of interventions within an integrated psychodynamic framework. An emphasis is placed on patient authority and responsibility while examining the meaning behind behaviors and how behaviors impact relationships. We treat the individual, not the diagnosis. Patients come to us with multiple diagnoses, but we understand that these labels do not necessarily capture the essence of their struggles or strengths.

The Dorm Treatment Center. We have worked with over 1, clients and their families helping them launch positive, self-sustaining lives. Our services range from comprehensive day and evening treatment to supported independent living services for clients ages 18 and above. At the core, our expert team of licensed professionals is uniquely positioned to meet our clients where they are today - in their home, at their school, in the community and beyond.

This flexibility allows us to provide truly personalized care, helping bridge the gap between traditional inpatient and outpatient offerings. Nassau Psychiatric Services, P. Treatment Center. At Nassau Psychiatric Services, P. We work with patients of all ages, and we pay close attention to details in the effort to fully understand our patients' unique experiences. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of disorders. For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling with afternoon, evening and weekend hours.

Averte Treatment Center. Averte blends individual therapy, group therapy, meaningful activities and physical wellness together to offer the individual the best opportunity for success. In addition, we offer a highly specialized track for the treatment of co-occurring diabetes and eating disorders that is among the first in the country. The purpose of this dialogue is to help explore the underlying causes of problems and symptoms. Our well trained therapists we can help you tap into that specialness that's already inside of you.

Our bed inpatient rehab was established in by Jack Hamilton, one of the first individuals to bring Narcotics Anonymous meetings to the local New York communities. In carrying out Mr.

At Long Island Center for Recovery we believe that recovery from the disease of addiction is possible through learning from our mistakes which enables us to develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally into a more responsible and mature person. All calls are confidential and you are under no obligation to follow our recommendations. We take pleasure in tailoring our program to each individual client to help them better achieve their goals.

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Call us for a consultation and we can create a treatment plan that works best for you! Comprehensive Counseling LCSWs is a privately owned practice where a diverse group of New York State licensed mental health professionals draw from a variety of therapeutic techniques to assist clients in achieving their treatment goals. Accessibility, service and professionalism are the key elements of our success.

In addition to our men's sober living home in New York, we are now proud to offer a network of 6 sober living homes throughout the Los Angeles area, and men's and women's home in Houston, Texas. Built on a foundation of love, support, and acceptance, we are a sober living community intent to help others help themselves. Our Manhattan brownstone sober living home for men allows individuals to work towards their best life in a city of opportunity. Our impressive, multiple story brownstone, is only a few short blocks from Central Park and Riverside Park.

Situated within a renowned cultural hub of New York, clients have easy access to numerous museums, restaurants, art galleries, and sports and music venues. At Transcend you are not alone. Begin your path to fulfillment and self-discovery in a community of brotherhood and camaraderie. Give one of our intake specialists a call to learn more about becoming a part of our recovery community.

We have been working together since , helping people build the lives that they want. We believe that you will benefit from our years of experience and expertise, while also finding us to be relatable people who understand what you are going through. Please click through to our website using the button on the left to learn more about our therapists. Located in the heart of Chelsea, we foster personal growth, free of traditional gender, sexual orientation or cultural bias. We offer individual, family, marital and group counseling services in a warm and comfortable environment.

Our caring staff specializes in treating children, adolescents, and adults, utilizing innovative techniques to help engage and motive you for positive change. As therapists, we provide support and feedback to help you cope with current life challenges and long-standing issues.

With compassion and sensitivity, we can help you explore, understand, and find resolutions to a wide range of personal concerns and psychological issues. In counseling you can also work with someone to come up with specific behavioral strategies and new ways of thinking by taking into consideration all that unique qualities that make you who you are including your beliefs, religious practices, culture and ethnicity, and traditional coping. With a wide range of clinical interventions and treatment approaches, we develop goals that are most helpful and tailored for each individual client adult, teen, adolescent, or child , family, and couple based on their presenting concerns and needs.

In a supportive and understanding environment, we can help you attain personal growth. Together with each client, we work to enhance your strengths and achieve your personal goals. Our intensive outpatient concierge care setting provides group therapy programs for adolescents and young adults preventing hospitalization or recurring hospitalization while providing coping skills and strategies to help navigate the often difficult journey toward self reliance and emotional stability. Our programs include partial hospitalization programs and after school programs as well as family and multi-family meetings.

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Our groups and programs are designed for persons at risk of entering a hospital, denied inpatient care or stepping-down from a hospital and transitioning to community. Our facility is an integrative short term crisis intervention treatment setting providing stabilization and tools for resolving crisis utilizing group psychotherapy and pharmacological support in an exclusive setting.

We provide the empathy, education, and support to families as partners in the recovery process. We help each adolescent to replace the eating disorder with healthy skills and a deep understanding of how to live a life that reflects their own unique individuality. We accept almost all insurances, including Medicaid and have a low cost sliding scale so our services are affordable.

We offer individual, couples and group counseling in a warm and comfortable environment. We are, also, able to provide medication management to our clients in therapy. Refine Results Bipolar Disorder. We might also write a letter to fight stigma and inform numerous of newspaper readers, radio listeners , policy makers or a business we feel is discriminatory.

Any time we see stigma, writing a letter can help to educate. Joining such groups will allow us to be more involved in the battle against stigma.

Bipolar Disorder and My Story - Mental Illness Awareness Week 2017

For instance, if you are a writer, use your pen to promote the anti-stigma movement. Our actions, big or small, will make a change for them. There is more than just gloominess , there is also light. We should bring back the light blocked by the stigma to their lives. We have often heard about how advanced and superior the world will be in the future. Much has been talked, written and filmed on how better a place it would evolve to be then; advancements in technology, knowledge and everything in general would lead to better understanding and cohesion.

But would it really be a better world for everyone? While it might hold true for many, not all might be able to benefit from it equally. Societies tend to follow a stringent path at times, thus side-lining or castigating people who are different or who deviate from norms.

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This results in people stigmatising others and discriminating against them, who are then left to fend for themselves. A similar predicament is faced by those inflicted with mental ailments, such as the bi-polar disorder, as they are often the objects of hostility and ridicule, even from family or friends of the sufferer. Generally looked upon as unstable persons who cannot be trusted to act rationally, this conduct by others worsens their confidence, leaving them in despair of themselves.

Albeit this is obviously not the case as most people with the bi-polar disorder live relatively robust lives. However, with the world becoming more accepting of diversity and the realization that everyone is equal, regardless of their disabilities things may be set to change for the better. As the world becomes more aware about diseases and anomalies, it also allows people a freer environment in which to discuss such issues in.

Rethinking Schizophrenia in the Context of the Person and Their Circumstances: Seven Reasons

This is imperative for people with bi-polar, since they need to express their emotions without being chastised for it. Special programs for specific audiences, e. Nevertheless, it is mere speculation at this point. In order to change the public opinion about bi- polars, much needs to be done. Despite this, there may still remain some people who discriminate others, regardless of whatever they are told.

But in all this, our aim should be to ensure a better future, especially for people with diseases like bi-polar. The road will be an arduous one, but I am sure that in the future, and hopefully by , we may reach a level of understanding where bi-polar is a positive quality rather than a problematic disease.

On the front lines of mental health: 'If you're mentally ill in America, you are shit outta luck'

To attach stigma, to perceive bipolar disorder as a disgrace and a stain upon society, is to close our minds. To end this process, we must work to educate the public in order to change perceptions and inspire action. I believe that bipolar disorder should be seen not as a restraint, but as a testament to the human capacity to transcend adversity. It is critical that as a society, we reach out to raise awareness and dispel stereotypes. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by periods of euphoria followed by periods of depression, which can affect the patients as well as their loved ones.

However, with consistent use of medication, patients with bipolar disorder can manage their condition effectively.

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