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The heavens include the stars, planets, truly everything in the universe. Now this does not in any way speak of universalism, the belief that no matter what you believe or what you do, God loves you and will save you. This is contrary to everything Jesus and His apostles taught, for many will go into the fires of eternal hell for failing to trust in Christ as Lord and Savior Matt. It is only through faith in Christ that reconciliation is granted and eternal life guaranteed.

Paul is simply referring to the cosmic extent of Christ's work. Because of Christ's finished work, salvation is offered to everyone everywhere. Even the creation itself, which was subjected to the curse cf. Judgment for those who refuse Christ is on them, not Christ. The offer of salvation has gone out to the world, for the whole world is sinful.

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Christ came to forgive the sins of mankind. Every man, woman, and child can receive the gift of salvation, a work accomplished by Christ, by simply believing in Him, receiving Him, trusting Him.

The Fullness of God

As a man, God was able to endure everything that we have failed to endure, and He did so without sinning. He therefore makes the perfect sacrifice, for He is perfect. As God, He is able to satisfy His own requirements for salvation on our behalf. No wonder the fullness of God was in Christ, for Christ came to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.

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His offer of salvation is universal. Have you received His gift? If not, it is waiting for you to come and take.

Receive it by faith by trusting in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Lance Waldie. The dwelling of God's fullness, therefore, means that God's fullness has had an eternal dwelling in Christ. Now as God was pleased for His fullness to dwell in Christ, so too was He pleased to "reconcile all things to Himself" through Christ v. They are a real world life lines for our virtual life distractions and devastations.

We can start to see the fullness of God at work, a love of Christ that is beyond just knowing.

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Without Jesus himself revealing a love that is beyond our comprehension, a love that will not let us go? How can the Church be filled with a fullness unless we encounter it? Unless Jesus leans in and confronts us with the empty space in our souls that is meant to be filled with it?

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Shepherds are keepers of sheep, nurturers of community, guards at the gate, compassionate and wise. Shepherds activate the love of Christ in the congregation. What they add to the prayer is Ministry. The shepherd moves the church toward maturity through presence and perseverance. When Jesus was finished being tempted in the desert, the angels ministered to him. They came to him in his greatest need. I imagine one of them gave him water and he drank. I imagine one, gave him soft food for energy, while another prayed over him. There was probably another who stepped in with a bar of soap and a toothbrush, while still another reminded him that he was loved, not forgotten, that he still mattered.

They enable the body of Christ to see his love, to feel it, to be fed — to taste and see that the Lord is good. Adding this piece, we get closer to the fullness of God in the church through the love of Christ.

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They enable the body of Christ to see his love, to feel it, to be fed - to taste and see that the Lord is good. Teachers contribute a particularly challenging and liberating addition: Understanding. In the teacher gift, we find discover a place where the five fold gifts collide and then reach across to all others.

In order to understand the love of Christ and the fulness of God, the teacher needs to experience it. A rich relationship with the apostle is necessary. They need to sit shotgun on the Apostolic highway in order to pass the apostolic tradition on to the next generation. Education without revelation is information without transformation.


At the very least, every teacher needs to partner with a prophet to inform the people God horizontally and vertically. Take a look at Acts , the church at Antioch describes the same relationship. Teachers share stories of encounter. They shape and inspire.

Leonard Sweet finds an inspiring example in this tweet describing the interplay between understand er and encounter er :. Finally, understanding is strengthened through the experience of ministry through the Shepherd.

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When you are talking about Jesus, example is always better than theory.