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International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Their shadows shuffled along the red peeling walls: he followed like an automaton. And the woman was still smiling with a soft smile in the arid afternoon, doltish and alone in the cata- strophic11 light. I never knew how I saw my shadow again mocking me from the bottom as I skirted listless canals.

It accompanied me along foul-smelling streets where women were singing in the heat. At the edge of the countryside a door scarred12 by blows, watched by a young woman in a red dress, pale and fat, attracted it: I went in. An ancient opulent matron13 with the profile of a ram was sitting inside, her black hair lithe- ly twisted on her sculptural head barbarously decorated by her liquid 10automaton: because in the realm of the unconscious.

Follows unconsciously at the start of secs. Salutai e una voce conventuale, profonda e melodram- matica mi rispose insieme ad un grazioso sorriso aggrinzito. Sedetti piano. La lunga teoria dei suoi amori sfilava monotona ai miei orecchi. Antichi ritratti di famiglia erano sparsi sul tavolo untuoso. Era intanto calato il tramonto ed avvolgeva del suo oro il luogo commosso dai ricordi e pareva consacrarlo.

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La magia della sera, languida amica del criminale, era galeotta delle nostre anime oscure e i suoi fastigi sembravano promettere un regno misterioso. I greeted her and a convent voice, deep and melodramatic, answered me with a graceful wrinkled smile. In the shadows I noticed the maiden sleeping with her mouth half open, rattling in heavy sleep, her lovely lithe amber body half-naked. I sat down quietly.

The long train of her loves paraded monotonously in my ears. Ancient family portraits were scattered on the greasy table.

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The lithe figure of the amber-skinned woman stretched out on the bed listened curiously, leaning14 on her elbows like a Sphinx outside were the deep-green orchards amid the reddish walls: only the three of us alive in the afternoon silence. Meanwhile the sun had set and shrouded with its gold the place stirred by memories, and seemed to consecrate it.

The voice of the Pro- curess had become gradually softer, and her head, like that of an ori- ental priestess, delighted in languishing poses. The magic of the even- ing, languid friend of criminals, was the go-between16 to our dark souls, and its heights seemed to promise a mysterious realm. V, , where the same adjective appears. The allusion is repeated and made more explicit in the next section. La lunga notte piena degli inganni delle varie immagini. But the evening descended, golden message of the cool shivers of the night. Her amber body her voracious mouth her bristling black hair the sudden revelation of her eyes terrified by wantonness wove a fantastic story.

Poème électronique. Edgar Varèse.

And the maiden, the ingenuous Magdalene with bristly hair and luminous eyes asked in spasms of her sterile golden body, crude and savage, sweetly closed in the humility of its mystery. The long night full of the deceits of the various images.

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Elsewhere it is also identified with the Chimera. V, At the silver gates of the first adventures appeared the first images,20 softened by a life of love to protect me once more with their smiles of mystery and enchanting tenderness. The closed halls where the light sinks evenly into the mirrors21 to infinity were opened, as the adventurous images of the courtesans appeared in the light of the mirrors, pale in their sphinx-like postures: and once more all that was arid and sweet,22 the roses of youth withered, came back to life on the skeletal landscape of the world.

In the saltpeter smell of the festival night, the last uproars linger- ing in the air, I saw the very ancient girls24 of the first illusion appear in the torrid summer evenings midway across the bridges thrown by the city onto the suburb: turned three-quarters of the way, while from the suburb you can hear the uproar grow louder as the flaming tongues of the lamps begin to flicker and bore restlessly through the air laden with orgiastic lights: now softened soft and rose-colored 20first images: not childhood memories, as Ceragioli points out, but memories of the first erotic experiences.

The silver gates therefore belong to a brothel. A recurrent image in The Night sec. The abolition of time through a process of identification is one of the main aims of Orphic Songs. Dei visi bruni di autocrati, rasserenati dalla fanciullezza e dalla festa si volsero verso di noi, profondamente limpidi nella luce. E guardammo le vedute.

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  6. Dei morti biz- zarri guardavano il cielo in pose legnose. Memories of gypsy women, memories of distant loves, memories of sounds and lights: prostrations of love, sud- den prostrations on the bed of a distant tavern, another adven- turous cradle of uncertainty and regret: thus what was still arid and sweet, the roses of youth withered, was rising over the skele- tal landscape of the world. In the evening of fireworks of the summer festival, in the delightful white light, when our ears barely rested in the silence and our eyes were tired of the Catherine wheels, of the many-col- ored stars that had left a smell of saltpeter, a vague red heaviness in the air, and our walking side by side had made us weary exalt- ing us with our too-different beauty, she delicate and dark, pure of eye and face, the dazzle of her necklace from her bare throat now lost, was now walking hesitantly holding her fan.

    Poème, Op.25 (Chausson, Ernest)

    She was drawn to the booth: her white gown with thin blue stripes swirled in the diffuse light, and I followed her pallor marked on her forehead by the nocturnal bang of her hair. We entered. Dark faces28 of autocrats, made serene by their youthfulness and by the feast, turned toward us, profoundly limpid in the light.

    And we watched the scene. There were skeletal landscapes of cities. The Night, sec.

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    Ecco Londra. La battaglia di Mukden. Tutte quelle cose viste per gli occhi magnetici delle lenti in quella luce di sogno! Immobile presso a me io la sentivo divenire lontana e straniera mentre il suo fascino si approfondiva sotto la frangia notturna dei suoi capelli. Si mosse. A un tratto una porta si era aperta in uno sfarzo di luce. And the sharp smell of the sawdust that muffled the footsteps and the whispers of the young ladies from the town astonished at that mystery.

    There is London. The battle of Muckden. All those things seen through the magnetic eyes of the lenses in that dream light! Motionless by my side I felt her grow distant and estranged as her charm deepened under the nocturnal bang of her hair. She moved. And I felt with a twinge of bitterness soon consoled that I would never be near her33 again. So I followed her as you follow a dream loved in vain: thus we had become suddenly distant and estranged after the uproar of the feast, before the skeletal landscape of the world.

    I was under the shadow of the porticos that dripped drop after drop of blood-red light in the fog of a December night. Suddenly a door had been thrown open in a splendor of light. Toward the back a matron34 rested in the splendor of a red otto- man, her elbow holding her head, she leaned on her elbow hold- ing her head, with lively brown eyes and enormous breasts: beside her a young girl on her knees, amber-skinned and delicate, her hair cut across her forehead, with youthful grace, her legs smooth and bare out of her shimmering robe: and over her, over the matron thoughtful in her youthful eyes a curtain, a white lace curtain, a curtain that seemed to move images, images over her, pure white images over her thoughtful in her youthful eyes.

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    4. Poème, Op.25 (Chausson, Ernest).
    5. A Church Possessed;
    6. Thrust toward the light by the shadow of the porticos dripping drop 31rubber odalisque: so soft as to appear made of rubber. La sua vita era un lungo peccato: la lussuria. Poi il piccione maschio restava sopra, immobile? Sconvolto, le lagrime agli occhi io in faccia alla tenda bianca di trina seguivo seguivo ancora delle fantasie bianche. La voce era taciuta intorno. La ruffiana era sparita. La voce era taciuta. Avanti alla tenda gualcita di trina la fanciulla posava ancora sulle ginocchia ambrate, piegate piegate con grazia di cinedo.

      Faust era giovane e bello, aveva i capelli ricciuti. Le bolognesi somigliavano allora a medaglie siracusane e il taglio dei loro occhi era tanto perfetto che amavano sembrare immobili a contrastare armoniosamente coi lunghi riccioli bruni. Era facile incontrarle la sera per le vie cupe la luna illuminava allora le strade e Faust alzava gli occhi ai comignoli delle case che nella luce della luna sembravano punti interrogativi e restava pensieroso allo strisciare dei loro passi che si attenuavano.

      It was already late, we were alone and an open intimacy was born between us and the matron leaning with youthful eyes spoke against the backdrop of the moving lace curtain.


      Her life was one long sin: lust. Lust, but for her still full of unreachable curiosities. Then the male pigeon remained on top, motionless? Until the conversation began to languish, the voice had fallen silent around us, the mystery of wantonness had shrouded the one who was evoking it. Frantic, with tears in my eyes, I followed still followed white fantasies in front of the white lace curtain.

      Meanwhile the voice had fallen silent. The procuress had disappeared. I was sure I had felt her brush by me with a quiet agonizing touch. In front of the crumpled lace curtain the young girl still rested on her amber knees, bending bending with the grace of an ephebe. Faust35 was young and handsome, he had curly hair. At that time the women of Bologna resembled Syracusan36 medallions and the slant of their eyes was so perfect that they loved to look motion- less in harmonious contrast with their long brown curls. It was easy to run into them down the dim streets in the evening the moon lit up the roads then and Faust would raise his eyes to the chimneys of the houses like question marks in the moonlight and stood absorbed in thought at the shuffle of their dying footfalls.

      At times from the old tavern where students met, amid the quiet con- versations of the Bologna winter, frigid and foggy as his own, and the crackle of the logs and the flickers of the flame on the ocher of the vaults, he liked to listen to the hurried footsteps under 35Faust: alter ego from Goethe with whom Campana identifies himself here. This section is of great interest because in it Campana paints a sort of spiritual self-portrait.