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One of the great benefits of migrating to a cloud storage provider is that this large capex expenditure on hardware for a storage solution is no longer necessary, as cloud storage is priced as an opex pay-as-you-go model. A cloud provider will supply you with access to the very latest storage hardware with a dedicated or multi-tenanted hosted offering. You will usually be offered block storage, object storage or traditional file-level storage options which have a pre-define retention policy choice to suit your data retention needs.

The flexibility of a cloud platform gives you the ability to structure your data into an affordable but high-performance data warehouse configuration. Regularly accessed data can easily be made available on demand and can be protected by ultra-fast data replication services. Replication works at a hardware layer under the hood to secure your data integrity within a choice of regional or global data centers.

One of the greatest advantages cloud storage has over on-premises storage solutions is the ability to scale your storage needs to practically any size you could possibly need. This ability to virtually infinitely scale your storage capacity eliminates the need for significant and lengthy capacity planning and purchasing strategies, as the storage is available on-demand — when you need it. No matter what your storage requirements are, the experts at Atlantic. Net can provide a solution to suit your storage needs.

How to determine if your data backup strategy has the right resources

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A strategy template

Data Storage Solutions A dedicated hardware hypervisor can host multiple such virtual machines — all requiring backend disk allocation resources. Looking for a Hosting Solution? Seven Global Data Center Locations. Contact Sales Today! What is BAA? For the second time, Atlantic. Get started with 12 months of free cloud services Free Tier includes: G2.

What is Cloud Hosting? What is Private Cloud Hosting? What is Database Hosting?

What is Block Storage? What is SaaS? What is VMWare?

What is Web Server Hosting? What is Server Virtualization? What is SaaS Hosting? What is PCI Hosting? What is Managed Hosting? These 3 criteria are:. As with most elements of backup strategy, an effective schedule for your business is going to be influenced by a number of different variables that are unique to each and every organization. One example of how you can achieve this is with a Grandfather-Father-Son schedule, explained in the below graphic:.

Grandfather refers to your monthly backups, father is your weeklies, and the son is your daily backup. Properly planning for a recovery is simply too big a topic to fit into this article.

Planning a Storage Strategy

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Ransomware protection for your backups. Download and back up your cloud data to a local backup destination.

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These 3 criteria are: Cost-effectiveness per GB of data Durability and required maintenance of the device Speed and ease of recovery when using each device. One example of how you can achieve this is with a Grandfather-Father-Son schedule, explained in the below graphic: Grandfather refers to your monthly backups, father is your weeklies, and the son is your daily backup. What happens if my primary backup fails, or if my onsite backups are lost along with my infrastructure?

How quickly can I get the offsites back onsite? Who will be responsible for performing the recovery, and what if that person is unavailable?