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This was big news. This negotiation worked very well. Kudrow got pregnant with her son, Julian Murray, in On the other hand, in the final season, Cox was pregnant with her daughter, Coco Arquette. But in the later seasons, it was primarily a job for Paul Swain, who was the best boy on the electric crew. Fans became obsessed with the drawings. Unsurprisingly, LeBlanc had a soft spot for the Magna Doodle , too—and actually took it with him when the series ended.

He took the foosball table, too. It even found a second life on his short-lived Friends spinoff, Joey. It was widely publicized that Kudrow was afraid of the duck who made an appearance in season three. Before that, Ross had a pet monkey, Marcel, who was actually played by two monkeys: Monkey and Katie. Marcel was written out of the show in season two because it became too time-consuming to shoot scenes with a monkey.

Every week before filming commenced, the cast would get together for a moment to prepare for the show. This was the moment that Schwimmer was dreading before the finale because he knew it would make him emotional. This episode was the sixth season premiere. It was also the first episode after Courteney Cox married David Arquette.

You can see the credits above. While promoting the show on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , Cox told the story of an elaborate bet between her and Perry that later involved the major '80s star. More and more crew members got involved in the debate and the stakes kept rising.

The Bleakness and Joy of “BoJack Horseman”

In the season three episode, Phoebe makes a dollhouse out of cardboard. But the dollhouse ends up catching on fire, which meant six identical ones had to be created from scratch.

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And in true television deadline fashion, they were put together in three days. Ross is desperate to hear Ben talk again and spends the rest of the episode trying to get his son to talk. In , Perry went to rehab for an addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol.

Our Guide To 2015’s Great Reads

He went again in I was painfully hung over. By the time the show ended, Aniston was arguably the most famous cast member thanks to films like The Good Girl and Bruce Almighty. With that fame came the rumors that she was almost responsible for the show ending prematurely.

In a interview, Aniston admitted that she had hesitations. In , another Central Perk popped up in Liverpool. Apparently Perry was quite the gambler. Perry believed that the film would be number one in the box office on its opening weekend, but Willis disagreed.

In February , the film was number one. As a result of the bet, he had to donate his earnings for the guest stint to charity. In addition to making household names of its main cast members, Friends gave an early start to several soon-to-be stars as well. Did the entirety of Friends take place in Rachel's dream? Or in Phoebe's hallucinatory mind? Over the years, fans of the show have come up with a host of theories to explain particular aspects of the show—and some of them are pretty bizarre. Decades after its premiere, Friends still maintains a massive fan base. In the UK, it's the most streamed series on Netflix, and it holds the number 2 spot in America only The Office gets more viewers.

9 Facts About Leonardo da Vinci They Didn't Teach You in School.

In late , when Netflix announced that the series would be leaving the service on January 1, , fans revolted ; a Change. Amazingly, it worked! In , Cox went on the Late Show with David Letterman where he asked her about the possibility of a reunion. Kauffman and Crane have similar views about a reunion. But I think if we actually gave it to people, there would be such backlash.

Crazy Lifetime Movies That Are Actually Based On True Stories

Alright, Potterheads. Ready to feel old? And it seems that the books are still holding up—with both fans and collectors. Forbes reports that a hardback edition of the book believed to contain Daniel Radcliffe 's first autograph as Harry Potter sold recently in the U. The book was owned, until this week, by Verity Collins, an extra on the first film. Forbes explains that, while autographs and pictures were not allowed on set, Columbus made an exception for Collins, who was battling leukemia at the time.

Radcliffe reportedly signed her copy of the book on the first day of filming. The book was auctioned by Vectis , a British auction house that specializes in toys. The last decade of the previous century—of the previous millennium —was an exciting time for movies. Fueled by Sundance, independent films were on the rise, with new voices like Quentin Tarantino and Richard Linklater emerging. The Hollywood studios, having exercised too much control and churned out too many generic products in the s, started giving filmmakers more leeway, and established directors like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg continued to make great movies.

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